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How we share tinkering

on August 3, 2012

A recent commenter wrote that parenting requires time to reflect and share. Many parents do not have time to enjoy teaching their children, thinking that teaching is something pedantic and rigorous. I have a different notion of teaching as a much broader concept of sharing.

Anytime that a parent enjoys an experience is a powerful teaching experience for their children. If you’re a parent who likes sports and wants to read sports magazines or watch the Olympics with your child, go ahead and share that with your child. Sharing your passion for a topic is the most effective form of teaching.

In our case, we love building things and tinkering. One of our favorite activities is getting an old piece of hardware (usually an old printer) and opening it up to see the gears and rollers work. This actually doesn’t take much time, money, and can be so much fun! What kind of things do you like to share with your children?

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